Aadithya Kannan

Doctoral Candidate

Chennai, India

Education B.Tech Chemical Engineering (Honors), Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT KGP), 2015.

Lab Duties Website Admin

Research Focus

I broadly work on understanding the interaction of particulate matter at fluid-fluid interfaces over two distinct projects.

Adsorption of proteins to air-water interfaces

Therapeutic proteins (specifically monoclonal antibodies) are surface active and adsorb onto air- protein solution interfaces. When this protein-laden interface is distorted during compression, cavitation and coalescence events, the proteins aggregate and are released into the solution as particulate matter affecting the potency, quality, safety and immunogenicity of the biologic therapeutics. We have developed a system to study these phenomena and to measure the interfacial rheology of the proteinaceous films and subsequently characterize the protein particles formed. Influence of surfactants, poloxamers as well as modifications to the proteins themselves are also being studied.

Rinsing flows on rotating Silicon wafers

Cleaning of the particle contaminants on Silicon wafers is an important step in semiconductor processing. One of the most efficient method to achieve this is to coat the wafer with a water-based liquid and rinse it off using another liquid while simultaneously rotating the wafer. This project tracks and characterizes the wave front propagation of the rinsing fluid in order to understand the influence of flow rate, rotation rate and interfacial tension.