Juho Pokki

Postdoctoral Researcher

Espoo, Finland


PhD Biomedical Micro- and Nanorobotics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, 2016
MSc Biomedical Engineering, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, 2010
BSc Bioengineering and Bioelectronics, Aalto University, Finland, 2008

Research Focus

Cellular Biomechanics

I concentrate primarily on the complex biomechanics between human cells and pathogens or artificial materials (eg. contact lenses). Currently, I develop tools that allow for the quantification of the rheology of a variety of cell types and their adhesion properties. Figure 1 presents a live-cell monolayer rheometer, which images and measures cell mechanics and adhesion. Our main project involves the investigation of corneal cells and ocular bacteria and their adhesion to selected contact-lens products. Further, characterizing pathogens’ adhesion mechanics to their host cells facilitates the finding of new anti-adhesion drugs against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Figure 1. Cells are cultured on a thermostated bottom plate of the live-cell monolayer rheometer and cells or other biological components on its top plate, which is connected to a force transducer and a piezoelectric stage programmed to perform lateral displacements. The experiments are imaged using phase-contrast microscopy.

Ocular Tear Film Thickness

I am developing in vivo optical devices to measure the ocular tear film’s thickness and maintenance, both in the presence and absence of contact lenses. The used thin film interference technique enables spatiotemporal in vivo measurements of the tear film at a sub-micrometer resolution.

The goals of these projects are to reduce the risk of complications caused by extensive use of contact lenses and to prevent potential diseases associated with their use.