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Interns and Visiting Scholars

Name Education University | Country Project
Anand Das Sophmore University of Washington | U.S.A. Software development to improve control of experimental equipment.
Es-Sbai Mohamed M.S. Chimie ParisTech – PSL Research University | France Rheological properties of hydrates forming at the water-hydrocarbon interface.
Christian McCullough High School Phoenix, AZ Plateau–Rayleigh instability and dancing droplets.
Cifeng Fang Ph.D. University of Washington | U.S.A. Study of endothelial cell response to profiled wall shear stress.
Patrick Negulescu High School Santa Clara, CA Lysozyme adsorption on contact lenses.
Brian Friedenberg High School San Diego, CA Impinging jet project.
J.D. Medlin High School Los Altos Hills, CA Drainage of thin films.
Daniel Tervoort High School Zurich, Switzerland Stability of therapeutic proteins.
Jean Sébastien Buff M.S. ETH Zurich | Switzerland Stability of therapeutic proteins.
Shristi Singh Senior National Institute of Technology – Warangal | India Spreading of miscible sessile drops.
Tomás E. Chávez-Miyauchi Ph.D. Reservoir Engineering Research Institute (RERI) | U.S.A. Crude oil – water interfacial rheology in waterflooding performance.
Vineeth Chandran Suja M.S. Ecole Polytechnique | France Drainage of thin films.
Daniele Tammaro Ph.D. Universita’ degli Studi di Napoli Federico II | Italy Drainage of thin films.
Prof. Marcio Nele Ph.D. Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro | Brazil Polymers and emulsions.
Javier Tajuelo Ph.D. UNED | Spain High sensitivity interfacial rheology.
Mithya Jayakumar Sophomore University of California,Davis | U.S.A. Spreading of miscible drops.
Marco A Alvarez V Ph.D. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid | Spain Drainage of thin films (CFD simulation)
Joannes Vermant High School Meise, Belgium Experiments on tear film drainage
Julius Laeuger High School Stuttgart, Germany Dilatational rheology of interfaces
Gian Carlo Maffettone High School Naples, Italy Experiments on miscible liquid drops.
Adela Palominos High School California, U.S.A. Biofilms project
Chew Chai Sophomore M.I.T. | U.S.A. Drainage/Dewetting of tear film on contact lenses.
Eline Hermans Ph.D. KU Leuven | Belgium Drainage of lung surfactant films.
Caroline Balemans M.S. Eindhoven University of Technology | Netherlands Dewetting of tear film on contact lenses.
Caroline Giacomin Sophomore McGill University | Canada Drainage/Dewetting of tear film on contact lenses.
Rui Chang Senior Tsinghua University | China Dewetting of corneal cell coated surfaces.
Eric Zhao High School Hong Kong Droplet movement due to Marangoni Stresses.
Zoubida Ouazzani M.S. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne | Switzerland Interfacial rheology of Biofilms.
Patrick Ruhs Ph.D. ETH Zurich | Switzerland Interfacial rheology of Biofilms.
Tom Verwijlen Ph.D. KU Leuven | Belgium Impinging Jet flow Analysis and Simulations.
Marie Vermant High School Belgium Interfacial stability of thin films.
David Giacomin High School U.S.A. Rinsing flows by an impinging jet.
Alison Fanton High School U.S.A. Interfacial rheology of biofilms.