June 2017- Simone Bochner wins the Centennial Teaching Assistant Award from Stanford University!

May 2017 – Emily Hollenbeck successfully defends her thesis! Congrats Dr. Hollenbeck!

March 2017- Chunzi Liu, Kiara Cui and Ada Undieh join the group!

February 2017- Research conducted by Juho Pokki and Maria Merola on cornea cells-contact lens interactions presented at the 88th Annual Meeting of The Society of Rheology receives media attention Link.

November 2016- Emily Hollenbeck wins the best Biochemical Engineering Journal poster award (AIChE Food, Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering Division) at the AIChE Annual Meeting, San Francisco!

November 2016 – Andy Ylitalo wins 1st Place in the AIChE National Student Paper Competition at AIChE Student Conference, San Francisco!

September 2016 – Vinny Chandran Suja, Mariana Rodriguez Hakim and Aadithya Kannan pass the PhD Candidacy Qualification exams and officially become PhD candidates!

September 2016 – Gigi Lin successfully defends her thesis! Congrats Dr. Lin!